We offer every service that helps to build a stronger foundation in every construction project. All construction projects are directed by our professional construction designers to ensure the safety and quality of your project.

What Solutions Do We Provide?

Site Preparation and Consultation

The process starts with the most demanding phase of removing trees and other challenges restricting the mobility of excavators. The Foundation area is prepared with close discussion with the construction team and clients.

Land Clearing

After the site preparation, our team of professionals creates a safe and level area for leveling or grading.

Drainage Systems

Our drainage specialists ensure the quality of your project. We design every drainage system from the exact location to installation.

Mass Earthwork

We provide a safe work environment with special equipment and machines to relocate earth in any construction site without affecting traffic.

Final Grade

The final grade is taken care of by our team of experts to meet all structure requirements for foundation supports and the surrounding area. We dispose of all topsoil with a minimum disturbance at your site.


With exceptional equipment and expertise, we provide demolition services. We cater to large and small-scale demolitions effectively using a variety of construction materials.

Landscape Removal

Our landscape removal experts use special machines to take care of all landscape removal jobs effectively. We understand your wish to keep the environment safe, so we have implemented the system with the least noise pollution and dust on your site.

Site Development

We offer a solution for all kinds of site development projects such as development, leveling and preparation of unstable land areas. Our initiatives aim at keeping the soil stable, improving the drainage system and creating a new foundation for any types of structures in your area.

Current Excavation Projects


How does Paul Curry Excavating Operate?

Paul Curry Excavating operates in a manner that suits the customer’s budget and schedule without compromising the quality of service.

Our staff evaluates your project and designs a personalized program to meet all construction needs. Our leadership understands the construction industry and offers specialized services.

Our clients have stayed with us through different stages of construction, growing with us as we grow. We are here to help you construct stronger foundations for the success of all your projects

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